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The Online Library: Social Media

We could say that social media is like in a library…new adventures, new worlds and new people to discover.

One of the ways that I used to indulge all of my varied interests, when I was a child, was to go to the local Library. Walking into that beautiful building made me so excited. Within that building, I knew there were whole many adventures and new worlds that I hadn’t even dreamed of. Whenever I’d visit, I’d not only find books that brought joy and excitement to my life, but I also usually found friends to share those joys with. I’ve continued to visit the library as an adult and I get that feeling of awe when I engage on Facebook or twitter, but I’m also getting to meet people that I otherwise might never have had the pleasure due to distance and situation.

It can be difficult to keep up with everything and everyone, as an extrovert that has way too many diverse interests: or is it? Apparently not, now that we have Social Media at our fingertips! I’ve found I have been able to enjoy building friendships and I’m able to keep up all of my interests (with many of my online connections have crossed over into my real life just through the joys of Facebook and Twitter).

Having friendships and being social are very important to me. I live in a close-knit rural farming community, where everyone cares about and keeps an eye on their neighbor. I am fortunate enough to have the kind of relationships with my neighbors, I see them just in the normal activities of my day and they feel free to stop by and visit quite often. Even so, when everything takes so much more effort than when you live in town and people are everywhere, it can be difficult to stay social. So I’m very thankful for the online friendships that I’ve formed on Facebook and Twitter. I’ve managed to bring some of those friendships over into my real life as well and am always pleasantly surprise at just how many people I’ve met there and I feel close with and how much we relate to each other in so many ways, but I’ve never met in real life.

It simply amazes me that I can find people from all over the world that have similar interests every time I enter into the world of social media. Today, more and more of the things that seemed fantastically unreal 20 years ago, are becoming reality and I for one am thrilled that I’ve been able to experience so much through these advances.

I’m thrilled by the many things that people have shared with me, so many things that I would never know of otherwise, that have inspired me in so many ways. As an artist, I love seeing the ways and results of what other artists create. As a lover of great music, I’m always thrilled to hear what other people have found and consider myself fortunate that I’ve been able to have added so many formerly unknown musical talents to my lists. The science and technology information that people have shared with me have not only informed me, but have fascinated me as well. Who would have thought that looking back into time could be so beautiful, but every time I see a star forming I’m in awe! How would have thought that watching a white blood cell doing its job could be so fascinating? It’s amazing that it actually looks like it’s hunting! Then there are the stories and poetry that people share. They can move me to tears or laughter and can affect me in ways that it saddens me to think I might have missed it if I had not been here to see it. I could go on and on.

So much of what we see on a daily basis, tends to throw up barriers, segregates us, and divides us. Social media is something that I embrace as it enables us to ignore all the things that usually divides us and enables us to celebrate those things that make us uniquely different and seem to be so strangely bonding at the same time. I hope that you are able to experience the same joys that I find every time I enter here.

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