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Why you shouldn’t write off Facebook just yet

Facebook is going through a rough time at the moment. But just because they aren’t worth as much as they had hoped it doesn’t mean Facebook is worthless. And it certainly doesn’t mark the beginning of the end.

From where I’m sitting Facebook is going from strength to strength.

At my daughter’s school we have just introduced Facebook groups for each year. I’ve had parents thank me because they’ve been such a hit.

This might not seem very impressive but these parents aren’t geeks.

Many of the parents on Facebook rarely post, but they receive the email notifications reminding them that it’s a non-school uniform day or a cake sale after school. They may though post a question about their child’s homework.

This is a major change from when our daughter started school three years ago when I was told that there was no way the school or the PTA would endorse using Facebook, and anyway, very few parents use Facebook. The success of our Facebook groups proves otherwise.

But it isn’t just the Education sector that is playing catch-up. Small businesses are using local Facebook groups – yes, groups, not pages – with great effect. The hula hooping class I attend is the direct result of a promotional post on a local Facebook group. Where I live, each town/village has it’s own Facebook group. There are also dedicated, For Sale, Wanted, Events and other groups that are well used and constantly growing.

Facebook really is the only way to keep informed about what’s going on in the area and the members of the groups are frequently extolling the benefits.

What’s interesting is that there has for a long time been the ability for these groups to be created and used but it has taken Facebook for the average “normal” person to buy into the idea of contributing to what is essentially an online forum.

So maybe there are lots of people leaving Facebook, but there are also a lot of people that are only just discovering Facebook.